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JamStudio, your collaborative music sequencer

Focus on your musical pleasure thanks to a collaborative, simple, fast and intuitive application working in the cloud to find all your samples wherever you are !

JamStudio is the app that allows you to record your sounds, create, edit and compose your Jam. It’s a digital audio workstation (DAW), fully collaborative and integrated to Jamshake, so entirely accessible from your web browser. #madness

Collaborative Music

Create your musical projects, invite musicians around you or rely on the talents of other jammers all over the world to compose an original collective song.

You can also participate in other musicians projects to discover new horizons and broaden your experience from musical diversity.

Let yourself be surprised and unlock your full creative potential !


CONCOURS : Revisite "La Demoiselle" de Tryo

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CONCOURS TERMINÉ : Félicitation à Lancelot, compositeur de l’identité sonore de Và bè

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CONCOURS TERMINÉ : Félicitation à Filter Doctor, compositeur de l’identité sonore de Kizym

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Make sound with

Collaborate on an exclusive project created by Matthieu Chedid alias -M-! He gives you the tone with some guitar riffs, just add your creativity to make the project goes to unexpected horizons. Amaze him, amaze you!

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Make sound with

CONTEST is CLOSED -> Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the three winners!

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Another way to discover music

Discover music « from the inside » by following on-going Jams, by listening to finished songs produced by other jammers or by following other artists that make you vibrate.

Who said that you must be a professional to be known as an artist and share your creations ? Not us anyway !

Fabien Houd Striolo

fabien.houd striolo
  • SongwriterMusician
  • Guitar

Yannick Liebnau

  • SongwriterMusician
  • GuitarVocal


  • SingerSongwriterMusician
  • Guitar

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